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Abstract Presentation Foot International Berlin 2016

Abstract Presentation Foot International Berlin 23-06-2016

Titel: What benefits do we get from the analysis of pronated and flat feet both diagnostically and therapeutically?


The diagnosis with a number of foot complaints is a flat or pronated foot. The aim is an explanation for the discrepancy in the findings and to define therapeutic consequences.



Anamnesis, dynamic footprints, foot examination and pressure measurements in 520 patients.

Method: Patients with pronated or flat feet were selected from the material with the aid of the classification of podograms using objective calculation. The multifactorial diagnosis of foot disorders (MDFD) was implemented in order to analyze and define the factors that compose pressure measurements of the foot. A study was made of complaints and test results.



Processing the material showed considerable variations.  Among other symptoms in pronated feet they found a calcaneal adduction and a pronated load of the mid- or forefoot. The medial foot arch lowers in the case of calcaneus adductus and/or forefoot pronation. The  results of  analysis and  complaints are connected. The MDFD offers new therapeutic  possibilities with over 40 different thin element therapeutic  inlays  designed to improve the function of the feet and therefore relieve the complaints objectively.



The concepts of a pronated or flat foot turn out to be a collective diagnosis of a series of causes and complaints. The analysis offers new diagnostic views which are decisive for an effective treatment using therapy inlays with thin elements measuring only a few millimeters. Operations can be avoided in this manner.